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E119 fault on Baxi or Potterton boiler

Why is my boiler flashing E1 the 19?

E119 is the standard low pressure fault for baxi, potterton and some other generic Baxi boilers like Mains.

There is a pressure sensor inside the boiler. When the water pressure drops to roughly 0.5bar the pressure sensor tells the boiler to lock out and display the E1 19 fault code.

What can I do to fix a E119 fault.

The fault is generated when the pressure goes below 0.5 bar. Turning the reset switch will not clear a E119 code. The only way to clear a E119 fault code is to increase the pressure.  

How do I clear my E119 fault?

To increase the pressure you use the filling loop. You may have an external filling loop or a built in version.  

You are trying to increase the pressure to somewhere between 1 and 1.5bar.

There are several types of filling loop depending on the model of boiler you have and the way it was installed.

My pressure is above 1bar but I still have an E119 fault

If the pressure gauge is above 1 bar but you still have a E119 there are two possible cause:

  1. The pressure is actually above 1bar and the pressure sensor is faulty.
  2. The pressure is actually below 1bar and the pressure gauge is faulty.

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