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  • Newer Vaillant ecotec boilers don’t have a traditional pressure gauge. They have a digital gauge shown on left side of the display. You can see a more accurate pressure by pressing the top right button on the front of your boiler controls. The first press brings the display to life. The second press shows the…

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  • What does 00 mean on a boiler

    I’m often asked what does 00 mean on a boiler? Ideal boilers have many fault codes. This isn’t really one of them.

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  • Filling loop left open

    What to do if your filling loop is left open.

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  • I went today to a tenant that thought his boiler was working fine. He was so sure it was fine that he’d arranged to meet his parents when I left. The boiler looked ok from the outside but inside it was very different. The burner seal had turned from flexible silicone to crumbling dust. This…

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  • This stop tap had been leaking a little bit for a very long time. Not enough for the customer to consider it an emergency. But enough for it to cause an unpleasant smell under the kitchen sink. The customer was in the habit of turning their water off when they went on holiday. I think…

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  • This customer had a radiator that he couldn’t bleed but also wouldn’t heat up past half way. He had already figured out the price for replacing his broken radiator when I arrived. Luckily for him I’ve seen this many times and it’s easy to diagnose where the fault is. When you bleed a radiator the…

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  • When a leaking radiator drops pressure.

    The pressure on the customers boiler had been gradually dropping over several months. As the drop was so slow it couldn’t be a massive leak. She showed me a radiator that had a rusty mark around one of the plugs at the top.

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  • Although this isn’t really a true fault it’s still a problem I’ve been requested to fix. OO is displayed on the front of an Ideal Logic boiler when there is no demand. For a combi boiler that is: Room thermostat set too low Heating timer turned off No hot water taps open. To cure this…

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  • An E50 fault on a Baxi or Potterton boiler is a sign that the hot water sensor is faulty. The hot water sensor is screwed into the left hand manifold. It sits it the stream of the mains water so it needs to be sealed using a washer. To rectify this fault the sensor and…

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  • The customer is getting an E119 fault everyday. They top up the pressure in the morning and it’s gone by the afternoon. This is a classic expansion vessel fault. The expansion vessel is a tank with an air bubble inside. (Red tank on the left). It uses this air bubble to keep the pressure in…

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