Simple explanations for plumbing problems

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  • Modern boilers are designed to be safe. All the dangerous bits are sealed up inside an air tight case. This means if anything does go wrong inside the boiler the carbon monoxide doesn’t tend to leak out into your house. It also means that if things are going wrong you may not know about it…

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  • The standard answer to this is no, hot water is supposed to be hot. Lukewarm water is an amazing breeding ground for all sorts of unpleasant microbes such as legionnaires disease. Legionnaires disease doesn’t survive above 60ºC so keeping the hot water temperature above this ensures the water is safe. The second reason to keep your hot…

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  • The customer had been struggling with a overflow running constantly for a few weeks.  Several attempts had been made to identify the fault. The ball valve had been changed, the water level in the tank had been adjusted, the open vent had been checked to make sure it wasn’t pumping over.  Finally the mains supply…

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  • Plumbing is easy

    Most plumbing jobs are easy,  all it takes are a few tools and a little bit of knowledge.  With a bit of luck this website will provide the knowledge for you saving a fortune on overpriced plumbers.  If the problem you have isn’t listed just drop a comment and we’ll try to sort it out.

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