Simple explanations for plumbing problems

Hot water problems

Hot water is an essential part of modern life. Hot water problems are mostly an inconvenience but for some especially those with medical needs it can be an emergency.

Hot water problems
A hot water cylinder with boiler

Types of hot water systems

There are two main ways to provide hot water:

  1. Combi boilers (including other instantaneous water heaters)
  2. Stored hot water

Combi boilers

This type of water heater takes up less room in a property but is much more complicated.

Stored hot water

This is much less complicated but takes up more space. For example a hot water tank would take up a whole airing cupboard. They can be heated in a variety of ways such as gas, electric immersion heaters or even solar.

Types of hot water problem

Follow the links to find the type of hot water problem you have:

No hot water at all with a combi.

No hot water with a hot water cylinder.

Luke warm water with a combi boiler.

Luke warm water with a hot water cylinder.

Hot then cold water from a combi boiler.

Intermittent hot water from a combi.

Not enough hot water with a hot water cylinder.

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