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Reinstating the air bubble in a megaflo cylinder

How to reinstate the air-bubble on a Megaflo Cylinder

Water intermittently dripping / flowing from the overflow on a Megaflo Cylinder is usually caused by the air-gap not being fully charged. Follow these instructions to replenish the air-gap and solve the problem.

  1. Turn off the mains cold water supply to the Cylinder, this is usually found near the Cylinder, or if you can’t find this valve you can turn off the mains stop cock which can usually found under the kitchen sink.
  2. Open the lowest hot tap in the property. This would usually be the kitchen sink but any sink lower than the cylinder will be fine.
  3. Hold open the temperature / pressure relief valve. Water will pour from the valve for up to 15/20 minutes. You must hold the valve open for this time. If the water hasn’t stopped flowing after this time the mains water supply may not be fully turned off.
  4. When water stops flowing from both the valve and hot tap close the temperature / pressure relief valve.
  5. Open the mains cold water supply.
  6. When mains water is turned back on water will pour from the hot tap. Close the tap.

If this doesn’t work and water still comes from the pipe then you must call a qualified engineer.

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