Simple explanations for plumbing problems

My toilet is blocked


Get a cheap old fashioned mop with loads of floppy cloth strips as the head like this one available from Amazon .  Slowly push this down into the bottom of the toilet bowl. Now use this as a plunger gently pushing it back and forth in the outlet at the bottom of the bowl. The cloth strips form a pretty good seal in the outlet which when you are pushing it back and forth creates enough pressure to clear most blockages.  It doesn’t matter if this works or not, you’ll probably want to throw this mop away afterwards.

If it still won’t clear it may well be blocked outside. If it is it may well be best to call in some professionals. Most houses will have a man hole cover they normally lift up with a big screwdriver or crow bar. Some have locks on and some are air tight. There’s a chance that when you lift it a back log of waste might come flooding out. If you get the lid off rodding drains is a straightforward if unpleasant job. Just tighten the rods together and push them in.  Remember that they screw together in one direction.  If they get stuck only twist them in the direction that tightens them up.  Turning them the other way will disconnect them at a joint you can’t get to which is not good.

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