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F1 low pressure fault on an Ideal Logic boiler

When the system pressure on an ideal logic drops too low the boiler displays an f1 fault. Once the pressure has been topped up to above 1bar the boiler will start working again without having to be reset.

Most ideal logics have integral filling loops fitted on the valves under the boiler. If you have two blue valve handles on the two right hand valves you have an integral filling loop.

Ideal logic integral filling loop.

The right hand valve is on the heating system. The left hand valve is attached to the cold mains water pipe.

To top up the pressure we need to get water from the left hand valve into the right hand valve. Before you start turn the heating off on the timer or thermostat and make sure no hot taps are running.

Step 1 : Turn the right hand blue valve toward you.

Step 2: Turn the left hand blue valve slowly toward you. When you hear the water flowing stop turning the valve. It may only need to be slightly open to fill the system up.

Step 3: Watch the needle on the pressure gauge, it should be slowly rising. When the needle gets to just above 1bar turn the valves back to where they were originally.

The fault code should now be cleared. The boiler will start up and the pump will run. The heating and hot water should now work.

The final step is to find out why the pressure has gone down. Looks for leaks on the boiler, the radiators and the pipe work feeding the radiators. Even slight leaks can cause the pressure to drop over time.

WARNING: if you leave the left hand blue valve facing fully toward you no hot water will come out of the hot tap. Be sure to put the blue valves back to their original position when you are finished.

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